LD Corporate Headquarters
Because of it's humble beginnings, LD has always valued it's employees who have helped them grow from a garage to a warehouse and now a 200+ person office and distribution center. The company wanted to document for customers as well as new employees what the core values are that make up the foundation of the work culture.

LD Core Values

What we did
• Breakdown and combined the many values identified into 6 meaningful clear statements
• These statements were supported by a one to two word value that was then defined in a short paragraph
• Made sure to make each value easy to understand using clear straight forward copy and relatable images
• Kept a balance of a fun but professional authenticity that employees, old and new, can embrace
• Physically setup a values hallway with framed posters at the main employee entrance
• Gave away values t-shirts for all employees and one to each new hire on their first day of work
• Transformed an existing glass partition into a centerpiece that would showcase the values without being too obvious
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